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“Let’s Get Animated!” from Daniel Carino

In Daniel Carino, Fellowship, Video Projections on February 3, 2014 at 10:29 PM

Daniel 1.22

And it has begun! The first tech has started here at Oregon Shakespeare Festival for The Cocoanuts. I’m already at work helping create things for the show. The video designer for the show is Omar and I’m assisting with anything he needs. So far, I’ve made masks for the set as well as the drop. I also created a looping video of clouds in the sky. I’m currently working on animating birds and bees. The artwork is original to the set by the set designer, the only down side is having it as a flat image, however, since these aren’t photo realistic images it is very easy to fill in the gaps and make each part of the animal or bug its own image to animate.

Bee Animation Process:Daniel 1.22b

I just finished the bee that you can see to the right. The process of making the animation was simple – I provide a complete explanation on my blog HERE


A Discovery from Erik LaDue

In Erik LaDue, Fellowship, Richard L. Hay Fellowship, Scenic Design on January 26, 2014 at 10:03 PM

Erik LaDue 12.4

Took some time off of the Richard III model to help with Coconuts.

Having used a laser cutter to pre-cut most of the pieces for our chair and table piece, all that was left was gluing everything together. I was introduced to the ease and velocity of using a combination of Super Glue and Accelerator. I’ve been limiting myself to regular craft-glue in the past, now I’m going through a kind of enlightenment. No more time waiting for things to dry before moving to the next project, instead I’m setting and forgetting as I make brisk laps around my to-do list. While stopping to un-stick some fingers that I glued together, I couldn’t help but think “This is tops!”

Some would say what I was doing with pre-fabricated chair parts is the lazy way out. They would compare our use of a laser cutter to purchasing a model set from a hobby store. I say: the Art is in the final product, not how much “human” contribution there was to the process. If it serves to use computer aided drafting to make multiple copies of a chair design, so be it! Our job is to execute a design, not burn hours on repetitious chairs.

The Richard III design is coming along smoothly. It’s almost done. Rick Anderson has been passing me updated drafting plates in the last week with more details to include in our elaborate stair units. Not yet committed to being glued to the model box of the Elizabethan Theater, the stair units are looking like multi-legged giraffes.

We had to make an emergency call to the scene/paint shops: The director wanted to change a few things about a scenic unit for Coconuts. Hold the phone while we figure this out, guys.

“It Begins” from K. Jordan

In Assistantship, K Jordan, Scenic Paint on January 16, 2014 at 9:10 AM

K Jordan 11.14

Hello folks, this is Jordan! I’m the newest Scenic Paint Assistant in the scene shop. While I most recently lived in Anchorage, AK, I’m originally from Southern California. I attended the Theatre Academy at Los Angeles City College where I realized painting was my preferred contribution to theatre. I’ve worked at several theatres throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas but where I truly honed my skills was at the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, CA. There I interned for two summers and a fall season. If you’re ever in central California, it’s definitely a must-see!

It’s my first week here and I’ve jumped right in. We’re currently working on the set of The Cocoanuts. Some of my co-workers and I have been working on the flooring and I’m loving the colors we’re using: peach, yellow, and green – very Florida! Pictured here is the floor in-progress: the beginnings of a palm tree, a sun, some lettering and peach diamonds along the edges. It’ll surely be a great escape from the cold when it opens.

In my time here so far, I love Ashland! I really enjoy being able to not only walk to work (exercise!) but the ability to walk to so many places around town. I’m also very pleased with the variety of restaurants there are! The co-op is especially fun to explore. There are quite a few interesting shops ranging from music, books, and clothing. Seems there’s always something new to discover and friendly people to enjoy it with.

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