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“Social Construct” from Cynthia Booker

In Assistantship, Cynthia Booker, Sound Design on July 17, 2013 at 1:48 PM

Cynthia Booker 7.17

IT’S TECH WEEK! I’m so excited with this production, because the designer is allowing me to do most of the programming in Q-Lab! This is also the first production I am working on in the Bowmer Theatre space, so there is also that freshness of atmosphere for me. Also, The Tenth Muse is such a solid piece. It’s fun to truly immerse yourself in such a foreign concept of castes and such, but within our world of American Theatre. It’s such an interesting social structure that I find myself looking up information about it. There is something more freeing about a world where the classes are publicly and vocally distinguished, instead of an unspoken, understood difference of classes here in contemporary America. After watching this I am sure some theatre goers will leave feeling confident that there world isn’t ruled by social construct. But in fact it is and it’s a little entrapping to be a part of. Overall, I wouldn’t want to be a part of a society that shows hierarchy, but the fact is: as long as more than one person is in the room anywhere on earth there will be a hierarchy/social construct/power struggle. We, as humans/animals, will always give way to the fight to be better than others or to self-dominance.  At least in the world of spoken guidelines, you have something to reference. In our American society, we look mostly at physical property to access someone’s social standing, which can sometimes be deceiving. I feel like I hide the truth of my social class fairly well through appearance. I guess that is the positive side of our society, we can easily put on a mask to tell a different story of our life without fear of persecution. These are my ramblings. Also, as a human I change my thoughts/opinions freely and often.

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