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Green Task Force Preparation from Shaun Franks

In Green Task Froce, Internship, Shaun Franks on June 26, 2013 at 3:58 PM

Shaun Franks 6.26.13

This week I met with Katie Gomez about what to cover at the next Green Task Force meeting. We talked about the various projects were beginning to work on including the OSF timeline for sustainable practices. I found it interesting that the first mention of anything sustainability related began in 1986, the year I was born, with the executive director bringing up recycling. OSF has come a long way from just recycling but it would be great to document all that has been implemented.

The Green Task Force will meet tomorrow and we will be discussing the mission, the long-range plan, as well as a climate change survey that will be administered to the staff and volunteers. The email has traditionally went out only to people who have declared themselves as part of the green task force but this time I’m going to send an email to everyone so that the entire company can be aware of the meeting and what is currently being discussed.

I’m really looking forward to seeing with what the group comes up with; I think it’s critical for everyone on the green task force to feel like they have contributed to the process. The future of environmental responsibility at OSF will be a critical discussion because the budget for 2014 is currently being prepared and the next long-range plan is not far behind.

Last night was my three-year anniversary, my wife and I attended the Heart of Robin Hood, it was great to celebrate our special day at OSF.

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