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“ETC, Oh My!” from Kate McFarland

In Internship, Kate McFarland, Lighting Design on January 25, 2014 at 8:09 PM

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Word of the week: Learning

Working in the lighting department is incredible. I don’t want to overuse that word and make it seem meaningless. It’s only been a week or so and the experience is just that: INCREDIBLE.  I must have had some preconceived notion of what interning at OSF would be like.  If I did I honestly can’t remember what I thought it would be like, because the experience I’m having now is so amazing.

The highlight so far, is participating in ETC training.  This past Thursday and Friday a representative from ETC flew out to walk us through the new software that just got released.  Being able to sit in on this seemingly once in a lifetime training was such a valuable experience. I was able to sit there and take part, take notes, and even ask questions if I wanted. I can think of other experiences I’ve had where being the intern meant you were to sit quietly and watch, NOT ask questions.

We’re approaching the first tech process of the season and this is another experience I very much want to be a part of. The fact that my supervisors are so willing to let me sit in on tech is just another reason why OSF is such a great place to be learning and building my skills.  Having the chance to meet and talk to professional designers is an invaluable opportunity I look forward to taking advantage of as well.

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