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A Medley of Firsts from Kayo Jijina

In Company Management, Human Resources, Internship, Kayo Jijina on May 3, 2013 at 2:56 PM


Those who have experienced being around infants or children know what it’s like to look for that first…; whether it be that first smile, first step or first words such as mama or papa – mine was cat! As young adults we transition into celebrating our own first experiences as we begin expressing ourselves in the world – some of those first experiences may include: our first love, our first car or our first job. The trail of firsts follows us into adulthood an

d is often met with enthusiasm or anguish as the case may be. These experiences shape our outlook on life, as well as our view of ourselves.

At some point as we grow in years the frequency of our firsts begin to diminish. Many of us cease to notice or celebrate these small but important steps in our journey to who we are. It is time for me to celebrate a few of my firsts in this past week, as these are the steps that will eventually lead me to a work I love.

My first experience as an Intern with FAIR

My first work with a Professional Theatre Company

My first opening – Streetcar

My first encounter with audience members as an intern employee

My first introductions within OSF

– names I will have to graciously be reminded of again

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