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“Sea Change” from Derek Kolluri

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Feelgood to be here. A week feels like a month. There’s a lot going on: Rehearsals, meetings, sea change.

I keep thinking about the coming transition that Bill spoke of in the Company Call. OSF seems to be in the midst of a crisis: change in leadership, economic hardship, and the progression of ED&I. 

So, those elements will be the subject of this entry:

Bill is leaving. What does that mean? It means a change in vision. A change from “Excellence, Inclusion, Company, and Stewardship” to what? I imagine those values will be carried forward in a general sense under new artistic leadership. But what specifically does this entail?

Bill has done a tremendous job bringing in and working with company members to make Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion a part of the OSF culture. As new leadership is considered, I wonder about how these values, in their infancy at OSF, will emerge in the successor’s vision, and manifest post transition. 

I catch myself grappling with a question: What are the specific values that should be introduced and promoted as a natural progression of Bill’s vision?

There is a marked difference between the aspirations of the organization and it’s status quo. Generation by generation progress happens. 

I think about this transition in relationship to a shrinking budget. I know specific programs have been cut. There is relative pay disparity, and resources are being taxed. I am curious how a four year deficit will impact the future of OSF, and to what end folks will be willingly to work to change this fault. 

Perhaps there is mutual progress to be made between ED+I work, the financial side of operations, and the chosen subject and aesthetic value of OSF’s work. In other words, I’m curious to see if economics will play a role in future framings of Inclusion and Equity. 

“What is the place for a person such as myself in these kinds of organizations going through these kinds of transitions?


“Keeping Up” from Kayla Jackson

In Internship on June 23, 2015 at 3:09 PM

June 10th - Edited

Get your project in by the deadline. Don’t forget about the meeting we have tomorrow. By the way, we need this article ASAP. You need me for a week in New York? Sure! Oh yeah, lunchtime is a thing, isn’t it. Remember to exercise at least 60 minutes a day. Don’t skip breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day. (And my favorite) make sure you get a good night’s sleep!

I am very happy to be an intern. Why? Because I am still learning and growing. I look around the OSF campus every day and wonder to myself, “How on Earth do they do it all?” It is not that I wouldn’t survive the crazy workload that they go through every day, but at this point in my life, “to survive” would have a meaning along the lines of “to remain alive.” Whether or not I would be functional shall remain a mystery (hint: I wouldn’t.)

In college, we are used to staying up all hours of the night to finish the 15 page paper we just started. Then, we turn it in at 8am the next morning and go back to our dorm room to sleep until our next class. College is a sprint. The workforce is a marathon. Sometimes it can be frustrating to not be able to just stay up all night finish everything because I know the next morning, there will be a brand new list of assignments to start and I will not have the energy to do them. I like the college lifestyle, but the fact is I need to get used to the real world and know that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I am learning that here. I am learning by example as I watch the employees here juggle 100 things at once and still have the ability to greet each other with smiles and laughter and look like they actually got enough sleep last night. This my goal.

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