“The Inspiration Bombardment” from Carol Becker

In Assistantship, Directing, Uncategorized on April 28, 2017 at 10:20 PM

Longer TableOne thing that I believe ALL FAIR participants will agree upon wholeheartedly is that being here, at OSF, is one of the most inspirational environments to create theatre! I am dubbing this term “Inspiration Bombardment” because I feel it is never-ending and it permeates this place in the best ways possible. FAIR’s mission is to send us off into the world not just better artists, but to share what we have learned. This bombardment is not just something I feel in the “Beauty and the Beast” rehearsal room (where I see a beautifully diverse cast and an equally diverse creative team), I feel it in the house where I live and on the streets in between the buildings that OSF owns.

There is a life force here at OSF and it inspires me to want to be better. I would describe it as a pulse. Perhaps it is a heartbeat of a world that is aching to be. Our world is so very far from perfect, but here, I am seeing a world of how employees treat each other and how this organization recognizes each other’s rights to exist and just be. It is impossible not to be inspired by this positivity. It is impossible not to be so grateful for this opportunity.

Life and life lessons are happening here and they extend well beyond the world of theatre and art. I know Ashland is not OSF, but OSF feels enormous. I feel as though this is the place that could start the avalanche on how humans embrace each other in acceptance. Theatre could be that bridge. It is that bridge here. I like that I am learning more about how to be my best self, how to be the best ally I can be.

Let the bombardment continue.


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