“Echos of Social Justice” from Julia Rosa Sosa

In Assistantship, Directing on March 16, 2017 at 9:16 PM

40BC23CF-A4EC-4F64-9301-D9AC8A18D4D6Going on our weekly FAIR forum: This week was SOCIAL JUSTICE. It has been a thought that has been bouncing for quite some time  in my head. As an artist but also as a human I ask myself: How in hell am I going to effectively create a socially conscious theater that strives to create a change towards a more justice world?. When I am part of a target group that could be in danger if I step out of my secure communities.

So attaching all of this again to FAIR. Today in the morning we were invited to a meeting where the season planning for next season was taking place. And with all freedom I can say it was a privilege. I recognized people from the costume shop, from tech (Not sure exactly from which department) the artistic director, from all departments. And us: the assistant directors which will only be here for two months. This proves the responsibility that OSF has to Social Justice. They invite their own company to work as a team to arrange the stories that will represent them next year. And with a magnifying lens they ask themselves question as: Is this play giving me anything? Are this characters portraying a stereotype. Why there is two-dimensionality in the characters. And even there being the people that will budget the plays; They did not talk about money. OSF it’s building a season about the stories that characters live. And I am glad I am here.

How in hell am I going to effectively create a socially conscious theatre that strives to create a change towards a more justice world? Finding stories that have characters that can survive in someone’s mind for more that the time they are on stage. Characters that being heroes/villains/etc have been loved by someone. Or someone in the future could love them. Characters that are able to hate. Characters that are being affected by their environment. Clarifying because sometimes I am not sure if I make sense; I am not saying characters that we are able to hate or love- because that will happen regardless of the story. But that within the play there is a rich world that mirrors our world in some capacity. Yep! that is one of the probably first steps I should take!


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