“Family is Where You Make It” from Ciara Ayala

In Assistantship, Ciara Ayala, Stage Management on February 10, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Ciara Ayala 1.22One of my favorite things about working in the theater is creating a new family with every show you create. Whether it be company members that have worked together for years or a slew of newcomers, each show is a new experience and a new family. OSF is no different. Even though I am thousands of miles away from home, it doesn’t feel that way. From watching football, to baking cookies, to going on group runs…everyone is so inviting! This last day off, I went to a party with a ton of colleagues, in a beautiful home, with delicious food. I was even able to torch my own crème brulee! How cool is that?! I’ve welded scenery, but never food. It was a blast (pun intended).

Not to mention the camaraderie within the rehearsal room. I knew from the first company call that our room was going to be an absolute riot, in the best way. There is so much freedom of expression, there isn’t ever any tension regarding “Can I try this?” The response is always “Of course! This is rehearsal.” It’s always really fluid, and really fun. One of the more outstanding moments happened during one mammoth of a monologue. The actor was doing a really great job, but every time the lines started to slip, the cast literally started cheering him on. I love that! It was great to see everyone so supportive, showing how close and comfortable the company has become. That’s why I love theater, and that’s what keeps me doing it every day. For moments like that (let’s get sappy now), when you are engulfed with friendship and can’t possibly escape that warm feeling in your heart. Have I mentioned that I love it here? Because I do.


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