The Art of Sitting from Marq Gonzalez

In Assistantship, Lighting Design, Marq Gonzalez on January 18, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Marq Gonzalez 1.15

The biggest thing I have learned this past week is how to sit. I’m not good at it… This is the first gig I’ve ever had that I need to stay in one spot since I am the hub of paperwork for the lighting dept. I’m not used to being on the design end of things but slowly but surely, I am coming to love it. The crew is as ridiculous as they are talented and everybody brings something to the table that builds a well-rounded crew. As with any space, I have strived to prove myself as more than the  “intern” (not meant to be derogatory) and I think I have done well in that respect.

 Today, I got my tech table. And I have half a table to myself, this not only speaks to the insane amount of paperwork I will have to do but where my position is during tech. They are letting me direct focus, which I have been told is dependant on the skill of the ALD, and Michael Maag trusts me enough to do it. I know I’ll slip on something but mostly I’m excited and ready to go off the cuff and figure it all out.

 Also, falling frozen fog is the most beautiful and horrifying thing I have ever come across. I think I’m going to miss the north when I leave….and for fear of rambling I will end here.


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