“Gifts to Uncover” from Cynthia Booker

In Assistantship, Cynthia Booker, Sound Design on July 10, 2013 at 1:46 PM

Today is such a beautiful day. The warm sun radiates over our head bleaching our hair. The wind has a perfect breeze playing softly through the trees. The fragrances of different trees a plants veil the air. Rays and shadows dance below and through the trees. You can hear the rushing of water flowing down the creek. I am in love with the day. I had the afternoon to walk through a new (to me) portion of Lithia Park. I discovered the rose garden, fountain, and Japanese Garden. I even found the tennis courts. This side of the park is more open, clear, and meadow-like than the other side which is more trail like. I appreciate both.

It was so nice to have a clear view of the surrounding mountains without the interruption of power lines and street lights. Ashland holds many wonders that I wish I could discover before my tenure here is finished, but it is nice to know that there is still more gifts to uncover. How miserable would it be to know/think that you have seen it all. I love repeating experiences, but there is something so very magical and romantic about seeing something for the first time and then there is also the blessing, which is completely other, that is unwrapped when you realize how very special something is. Appreciation is filled with many depths that are uncovered very slowly. People say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is very true, but I also believe that a moment, a memory, an experience is worth a trillion words that will be spoken more exquisitely as you age and understand each moment at a different point in life. Looking at the world around you is THE most important duty of an artist.


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