“Handwriting or Typing?” from Cynthia Booker

In Assistantship, Cynthia Booker, Sound Design on May 6, 2013 at 1:16 PM

I like paperwork. Call me nerdy, but I thrive off of it. Maybe it’s the stage manager in me or maybe its just the academic who likes things notated in a proper fashion. I get so excited when someone tells me that I’m responsible for cue sheets and such. I’m probably one of few who take joy in discovering new (to me) ways to make Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel easier. I was trying to remember the actual act of learning HOW to type. I just did it. I remember taking “keyboarding” classes in order to learn how to type more efficiently. This gift of ease with typing I feel is a new thing.

I notice when I’ve seen my little siblings or nephews/nieces homework that penmanship really isn’t emphasized that much in grade school. I try to physically write as much as I can. I usually never type notes unless I can’t find a paper or pen. I think it is quite sad that it is a romantic idea now to actually write someone a handwritten letter. But I also take great joy in paperwork, well-laid out and easy to navigate paper work. I would never dream of handing someone a handwritten cue sheet. I think this is how I separate personal notes from business/public notes or paperwork. In twenty years, will my way of doing things seem antique? I don’t know, but this is how I do things now. I do them with great joy like the nerd I am.


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